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 Post subject: 2010 Languedoc flights ..............
PostPosted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:33 am 
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I've now updated the cheap (ish) flights to and from Languedoc here : ... sm-air.htm ... rtures.htm

This year there are a couple of new operators, but half a dozen have vanished or been merged with others. A net total of 48 routes have been lost in the last 12 months. Overall there were more North African and East European destinations and further development of Canary Isles and Balearic routes. West Europe had fewer routes and I noticed that Ryanair have quietly dropped many of the "new for 2009" routes and also reduced connections to Stansted.

Not all the announcements have been made, and there could be a few surprises in store.

As always, please let me know if you spot errors or omissions.

The current list of flights into Languedoc is :

To From Carrier

Avignon - Birmingham Flybe
Avignon - Exeter Flybe
Avignon - Leeds Bradford Jet2
Avignon - Manchester Flybe
Avignon - Southampton Flybe
Barcelona - Casablanca Jet4you
Barcelona - Nador Jet4you
Barcelona - Tallinn Estonian Air
Barcelona - Tangier Jet4you
Barcelona - Vilnius Estonian Air
Barcelona - Algiers Air Algerie
Barcelona - Amsterdam Transavia
Barcelona - Amsterdam Vueling
Barcelona - Ankara SpanAir
Barcelona - Athens Aegean Air
Barcelona - Athens Vueling
Barcelona - Austrian cities Air Berlin
Barcelona - Basel-Mulhouse Easyjet
Barcelona - Basle SpanAir
Barcelona - Belfast Aer Lingus
Barcelona - Belfast Easyjet
Barcelona - Belfast Thomas Cook Airlines
Barcelona - Berlin Easyjet
Barcelona - Birmingham BMI baby
Barcelona - Bristol Easyjet
Barcelona - Brussels Brussels Airlines
Barcelona - Brussels SpanAir
Barcelona - Brussels Vueling
Barcelona - Bucharest Vueling
Barcelona - Bucharest Blue Air
Barcelona - Bucharest Germanwings
Barcelona - Bucharest Wizzair
Barcelona - Budapest Vueling
Barcelona - Budapest Wizzair
Barcelona - Cairo SpanAir
Barcelona - Casablanca Air Arabia
Barcelona - Cluj-Napoca Wizzair
Barcelona - Copenhagen Air Berlin
Barcelona - Copenhagen SpanAir
Barcelona - Copenhagen Transavia
Barcelona - Cork Aer Lingus
Barcelona - Cracow Air Berlin
Barcelona - Doncaster Easyjet
Barcelona - Dortmund Easyjet
Barcelona - Dublin Aer Lingus
Barcelona - Dubrovnik Vueling
Barcelona - Dusseldorf SpanAir
Barcelona - East Midlands BMI baby
Barcelona - East Midlands Easyjet
Barcelona - Edinburgh GermanWings
Barcelona - Frankfurt SpanAir
Barcelona - Gatwick Easyjet
Barcelona - Gdansk Wizzair
Barcelona - Geneva SpanAir
Barcelona - Geneva Easyjet
Barcelona - German cities Air Berlin
Barcelona - German cities Germanwings
Barcelona - Gothenborg Air Berlin
Barcelona - Heathrow BA
Barcelona - Helsinki Air Berlin
Barcelona - Helsinki Blue1
Barcelona - Ibiza BA
Barcelona - Istanbul SpanAir
Barcelona - Italian cities Air Berlin
Barcelona - Italian cities Meridiana
Barcelona - Italian cities Vueling
Barcelona - Jerez BA
Barcelona - Katowice Wizzair
Barcelona - Leeds Bradford Jet2
Barcelona - Lisbon SpanAir
Barcelona - Lisbon Vueling
Barcelona - Liverpool Easyjet
Barcelona - Ljubjnana Vueling
Barcelona - London City BA
Barcelona - Luton Avro
Barcelona - Luton Easyjet
Barcelona - Luxor SpanAir
Barcelona - Lyon Easyjet
Barcelona - Majorca Germanwings
Barcelona - Malta Air Malta
Barcelona - Malta Vueling
Barcelona - Manchester Avro
Barcelona - Manchester Monarch
Barcelona - Manchester Thomas Cook Airlines
Barcelona - Marakesh Vueling
Barcelona - Milan SpanAir
Barcelona - Milan Easyjet
Barcelona - Moscow Vueling
Barcelona - Moscow Germanwings
Barcelona - Munich SpanAir
Barcelona - Newcastle Easyjet
Barcelona - Nice Vueling
Barcelona - Oslo Air Berlin
Barcelona - Oslo SpanAir
Barcelona - Paris Orly Easyjet
Barcelona - Paris Air Berlin
Barcelona - Paris Vueling
Barcelona - Paris CDG Easyjet
Barcelona - Porto SpanAir
Barcelona - Portuguese cities Air Berlin
Barcelona - Prague Vueling
Barcelona - Prague Wizzair
Barcelona - Prague Germanwings
Barcelona - Prague Smart Wings
Barcelona - Reykjavik Iceland Express
Barcelona - Riga SpanAir
Barcelona - Riga Air Baltic
Barcelona - Rotterdam Transavia
Barcelona - Russian cities Air Berlin
Barcelona - Sarajevo Germanwings
Barcelona - Skopje Germanwings
Barcelona - Sophia Air Berlin
Barcelona - Sophia Wizzair
Barcelona - Spanish cities Air Berlin
Barcelona - Spanish cities Vueling
Barcelona - Split Germanwings
Barcelona - St Petersburg Vueling
Barcelona - Stansted Air Berlin
Barcelona - Stansted Easyjet
Barcelona - Stansted Germanwings
Barcelona - Stockholm SpanAir
Barcelona - Stockholm Air Berlin
Barcelona - Stuggart SpanAir
Barcelona - Swiss cities Air Berlin
Barcelona - Sylt Air Baltic
Barcelona - Tallin SpanAir
Barcelona - Tel Aviv Air Berlin
Barcelona - Thessaloniki Aegean Air
Barcelona - Timisoara Wizzair
Barcelona - Vienna Vueling
Barcelona - Vienna SpanAir
Barcelona - Vienna Germanwings
Barcelona - Warsaw Wizzair
Barcelona - Warsaw SpanAir
Barcelona - Zadar Germanwings
Barcelona - Zagreb Germanwings
Barcelona - Zurich SpanAir
Barcelona - Zurich Germanwings
Beziers - Bristol Ryanair
Beziers - Dusseldorf Ryanair
Beziers - Luton Ryanair
Beziers - Stockholm Ryanair
Carcassonne - Prestwick Ryanair
Carcassonne - Charleroi Ryanair
Carcassonne - Cork Ryanair
Carcassonne - Dublin Ryanair
Carcassonne - East Midlands Ryanair
Carcassonne - Frankfurt Hahn Ryanair
Carcassonne - Liverpool Ryanair
Carcassonne - Stansted Ryanair
Girona - Aarhus Ryanair
Girona - Alghero Ryanair
Girona - Altenburg Ryanair
Girona - Amsterdam Transavia
Girona - Basle Ryanair
Girona - Billund Ryanair
Girona - Birmingham Ryanair
Girona - Birmingham Thompson Airways
Girona - Bologna Ryanair
Girona - Bournemouth Ryanair
Girona - Bratislava Ryanair
Girona - Bremen Ryanair
Girona - Brindisi Ryanair
Girona - Bristol Ryanair
Girona - Brno Smart Wings
Girona - Brussels Jetairfly
Girona - Cagliari Ryanair
Girona - Charleroi Ryanair
Girona - Dublin Ryanair
Girona - Dusseldorf Ryanair
Girona - East Midlands Ryanair
Girona - Edinburgh Ryanair
Girona - Eindhoven Ryanair
Girona - Fes Ryanair
Girona - Frankfurt Hahn Ryanair
Girona - Gatwick Ryanair
Girona - Gatwick Thompson Airways
Girona - Gdansk Ryanair
Girona - Gothenborg Ryanair
Girona - Gran Canaria Ryanair
Girona - Granada Ryanair
Girona - Hamburg Ryanair
Girona - Ibiza Ryanair
Girona - Karlsruhe Baden Ryanair
Girona - Kaunas Ryanair
Girona - Lanzarote Ryanair
Girona - Leeds Ryanair
Girona - Lille Ryanair
Girona - Liverpool Ryanair
Girona - Luton Ryanair
Girona - Madrid Ryanair
Girona - Majorca Ryanair
Girona - Malaga Ryanair
Girona - Malta Ryanair
Girona - Manchester Thompson Airways
Girona - Marakesh Ryanair
Girona - Mastricht Ryanair
Girona - Memmingen Ryanair
Girona - Milan Ryanair
Girona - Newcastle Ryanair
Girona - Newcastle Thompson Airways
Girona - Oslo Rygge Ryanair
Girona - Oslo Torp Ryanair
Girona - Paris Beauvais Ryanair
Girona - Perugia Ryanair
Girona - Pescara Ryanair
Girona - Pisa Ryanair
Girona - Poitiers Ryanair
Girona - Porto Ryanair
Girona - Poznan Ryanair
Girona - Prague Smart Wings
Girona - Prestwick Ryanair
Girona - Rome Ryanair
Girona - Rotterdam Transavia
Girona - Seville Ryanair
Girona - Stansted Ryanair
Girona - Stockholm Skavsta Ryanair
Girona - Stockholm Vasteras Ryanair
Girona - Tenerife Ryanair
Girona - Trapani Ryanair
Girona - Turin Ryanair
Girona - Venice Ryanair
Girona - Wroclaw Ryanair
Marseille - Agadir Ryanair
Marseille - Algiers Air Algerie
Marseille - Ankara Germanwings
Marseille - Annaba Air Algerie
Marseille - Athens Germanwings
Marseille - Batna Air Algerie
Marseille - Beauvais Ryanair
Marseille - Bejaia Air Algerie
Marseille - Biarritz Ryanair
Marseille - Billund Ryanair
Marseille - Brest Ryanair
Marseille - Bristol Easyjet
Marseille - Brussels Brussels Airlines
Marseille - Budapest Germanwings
Marseille - Cagliari Ryanair
Marseille - Casablanca Air Arabia
Marseille - Casablanca Jet4you
Marseille - Charleroi Ryanair
Marseille - Constantine Air Algerie
Marseille - Dublin Aer Lingus
Marseille - Dublin Ryanair
Marseille - Edinburgh Ryanair
Marseille - Eindhoven Ryanair
Marseille - Faro Ryanair
Marseille - Fez Ryanair
Marseille - Gatwick BA
Marseille - Gatwick Easyjet
Marseille - Geneva Flybaboo
Marseille - German cities Germanwings
Marseille - Gothenborg Ryanair
Marseille - Istanbul Germanwings
Marseille - Italian cities Germanwings
Marseille - Lille Ryanair
Marseille - Madrid Ryanair
Marseille - Malaga Ryanair
Marseille - Malta Air Malta
Marseille - Malta Ryanair
Marseille - Marakesh Ryanair
Marseille - Milan Flybaboo
Marseille - Nador Ryanair
Marseille - Nantes Ryanair
Marseille - Oran Air Algerie
Marseille - Oslo Air Mediterranee
Marseille - Oslo Ryanair
Marseille - Porto Ryanair
Marseille - Shannon Air Mediterranee
Marseille - Split Germanwings
Marseille - Stansted Germanwings
Marseille - Stansted Ryanair
Marseille - Stockholm Germanwings
Marseille - Stockholm Ryanair
Marseille - Tallinn Estonian Air
Marseille - Tangier Ryanair
Marseille - Thessalonika Germanwings
Marseille - Tirana Germanwings
Marseille - Tours Ryanair
Marseille - Vienna Germanwings
Marseille - Vilnius Estonian Air
Marseille - Zurich Germanwings
Montpellier - Casablanca Air Arabia
Montpellier - Copenhagen Cimber Air
Montpellier - Leeds Ryanair
Montpellier - Amsterdam Transavia
Montpellier - Charleroi Ryanair
Montpellier - Copenhagen Transavia
Montpellier - Frankfurt Hahn Ryanair
Montpellier - Gatwick Easyjet
Montpellier - Luton Easyjet
Montpellier - Madrid Iberia
Nimes - Charleroi Ryanair
Nimes - Liverpool Ryanair
Nimes - Luton Ryanair
Perpignan - Birmingham Flybe
Perpignan - Charleroi Ryanair
Perpignan - Manchester BMI baby
Perpignan - Southampton Flybe
Perpignan - Stansted Ryanair
Rodez - Dublin Ryanair
Rodez - Stansted Ryanair
Toulon - Amsterdam Transavia
Toulon - Brest Jetairfly
Toulon - Brussels Jetairfly
Toulon - Stansted Ryanair
Toulouse - Belfast Thomas Cook Airlines
Toulouse - Gatwick Thomas Cook Airlines
Toulouse - Manchester Thomas Cook Airlines
Toulouse - Tallinn Estonian Air
Toulouse - Vilnius Estonian Air
Toulouse - Algiers Air Algerie
Toulouse - Belfast Jet2
Toulouse - Birmingham Flybe
Toulouse - Bristol Easyjet
Toulouse - Brussels Brussels Airlines
Toulouse - Casablanca Jet4you
Toulouse - Dublin Aer Lingus
Toulouse - Edinburgh Jet2
Toulouse - Gatwick Easyjet
Toulouse - Geneva Easyjet
Toulouse - Geneva Flybaboo
Toulouse - German cities Germanwings
Toulouse - Heathrow BA
Toulouse - Leeds Bradford Jet2
Toulouse - Lyon Easyjet
Toulouse - Madrid Easyjet
Toulouse - Malta Air Malta
Toulouse - Manchester BMI baby
Toulouse - Oran Air Algerie
Toulouse - Oslo Air Mediterranee
Toulouse - Paris CDG Easyjet
Toulouse - Paris Orly Easyjet
Toulouse - Shannon Air Mediterranee


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 Post subject: Re: 2010 Languedoc flights ..............
PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 5:02 pm 

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Just invited friends from Gignac to spend a week with us in Tuscany in June. Does anybody know of cheap flights from Motpelier/Perpignan to Pisa? Thanks.

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 Post subject: Re: 2010 Languedoc flights ..............
PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 6:39 pm 
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Not from Montpellier / Perpignan, but this is close to Perpignan :

Pisa - Girona Ryanair


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 Post subject: Re: 2010 Languedoc flights ..............
PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 8:22 pm 

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Thanks! How does one get to Girona from Perps. Or what are parking facilities like. Merci.

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 Post subject: Re: 2010 Languedoc flights ..............
PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:43 pm 
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By car, it is 30 mins down the autoroute.

Otherwise, research Frogbus which has 4+ services per day.

Parking used to be free at Girona, but now it is payable. There are people who offer off airport parking.


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 Post subject: Re: 2010 Languedoc flights ..............
PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:32 am 

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Thanks again- will pass on info to my friends. Very helpful.

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 Post subject: Re: 2010 Languedoc flights ..............
PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:45 am 
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Reduced Ryanair flights out of UK for winter 2010/2011

Ryanair have announced that the UK "tourist tax" and high BAA airport charges has reduced passenger numbers and they will switch flights to other European locations.

Michael O'Leary said :

“Sadly UK traffic and tourism continues to collapse while Ryanair continues to grow rapidly in those countries which welcome tourists instead of taxing them. Ryanair’s 16% UK capacity cutback, 17% cut at Stansted, shows just how much the UK’s tourist tax and the BAA’s high airport charges are damaging UK tourism and the British economy generally.

“Independent capacity analysis shows that growth has returned to the Belgian, Dutch and Spanish markets after their governments scrapped tourist taxes and/or reduced airport charges, in some cases to zero, in order to stimulate tourism and jobs.

“Today’s cutbacks underline the urgent need to, (a) break-up the high cost BAA Airport Monopoly (as recommended by the Competition Commission) and (b) scrap the damaging £11 tourist tax which has caused UK traffic to collapse over the past two years.”

This could be a problem for some Languedoc flights.

More :


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